Defective Tire Personal Injury Claims

Aug 7, 2022

By Amador Law Firm

Many parties could be held liable for the damages if a tire explodes. Although it may seem that tires are just rubber placed around a circular piece of metal, many factors go into the production of a tire. If a tire manufacturing company fails to produce the tire properly or uses cheap adhesives, they could be facing a defective tire lawsuit. In other instances, the tire’s design could be the problem or the wrong size. These are also common causes of tread separating from the belt, which results in many accidents yearly.

Can a Defective Tire Cause an Accident?

Tires play a significant role in the safety of motor vehicle operations. They are responsible for providing traction and steering and transferring the car’s weight through the axle to the ground. When a tire is defective, it can cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle, putting them at risk for severe auto collisions. Many things could cause a tire to be defective, but the most common is thread separating from the tires or blowouts caused by weak points in the rubber. Issues can be caused by design defects, using inferior products to make repairs, or manufacturing defects.


When the rubber on a tire loses its bond with the fabric reinforcement and internal steel belt, it can quickly lose air pressure, resulting in a blowout. If a tire ruptures when driving at high speeds, the driver can lose control of the car and crash into other vehicles, barriers or veer off the road.

Tread Separation

The pattern of grooves on a tire is known as the tire tread. They allow the tires to grip the road and avoid unwanted slipping and sliding (especially when driving in the rain or snow). When the tread begins to separate from the ties, the driver can also lose control of the vehicle. Although most people believe this is only seen on old, worn-down tires, it is possible to occur with new, strong ones as well, typically resulting from manufacturing or design defects. Tires that have not been properly retreaded or repaired from a flat tire incorrectly can also cause hazardous separation problems.

Can I File a Defective Tire Related Personal Injury Claim?

If you or someone you know has been in an auto accident resulting from a defective tire, you may be able to file a claim to receive compensation for the damages. Accidents caused by faulty tires can often lead to severe injuries or even death. These types of claims can help victims, and their families are compensated for some of the following:

  • Car repairs
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost earning potential

Who is Liable for My Defective Tire?

Typically when dealing with defective tire-related personal injury claims, the party who manufactured, designed, or sold the defective product is at risk for liability. If the tire was in good condition when sold to the user, someone could be at fault. This could include the used tire seller, mechanic, or repair shop. If a manufacturing problem, design flaw, or problem occurred before the tire was sold to the vehicle owner, strict liability might be imposed.

When trying to recover damages for these types of cases, an injured victim usually has to show:

  1. The product was defective when it left the defendant’s possession
  2. The victim used the product in a reasonably foreseeable manner
  3. The defendant manufactured, designed, distributed, or sold a defective product
  4. The victim’s injuries were a result of the defect

Contact a Lawyer

Dealing with a defective tire-related lawsuit can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when recovering from sustained injuries. Working with a skilled professional can be beneficial not only to your recovery but to the success of your case. Here at Amador Law Firm, we have years of experience fighting cases like yours. Our team is dedicated to our clients’ case success and offers support throughout the process.

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