Do’s and Don’ts After a Car Accident

Feb 2, 2023

By Amador Law Firm

Since car accidents are not always preventable, drivers should educate themselves on the best practices after a collision, as they can affect the case in many ways. The shock of being in an accident can cause victims to become anxious or forgetful, so it’s important to, first and foremost, always remain calm. Below, our car accident attorneys have curated a list of dos and don’ts for every driver to keep in mind:

Things You Should Do After an Auto Accident

Find a Safe Location

Many collisions may occur in the middle of the road or on the side, but not enough to be fully out of the way of oncoming traffic. When this is the case, it’s important for able victims to find a safe and secure location before determining their next steps.

Check for Injuries

Victims must check for sustained injuries of not only themselves but anyone else involved who may not be able to move without emergency assistance.

Call 911

Make sure to call 911, as they can dispatch police officers and a medical team to assess the scene. This will also be beneficial once you build your case because the officer will write a report that can be used as supporting documentation.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you do not think you are injured, you must seek medical attention after a car accident. Not all injuries show symptoms immediately, which will help prevent any severe injuries from worsening or becoming life-threatening.

Gather Evidence

If you can, always try to take photos of the damage to both parties’ vehicles, the accident scene, and its surrounding scene. Also, be sure to get the information of anyone else involved. This could include their license plate, VIN, make and model, vehicle, and contact information.

Things You Should Not Do After an Auto Accident

Speak to Insurance Companies

You should only speak to insurance companies if you have spoken with a car accident attorney that you trust. They do not always have the best intentions and may try to ask for information that can be used against you.

Never Leave the Scene

Although this is common knowledge, many people assume it’s okay to leave the scene if they are not injured. This is false. Even if no one else is involved and you are not visibly injured, it’s important to remain on the scene until the police can assist.

Do Not Accept the Blame

Even if you think it may be your fault, never accept responsibility for the accident. This is something that your attorney should handle, and if you take the blame, it could be damaging to your claim. When the police come to take your statement, and you suspect that you were at fault, never state that directly. State the facts of what happened, and no more.

Do Not Wait

As evidence can quickly be covered up or disappear, it’s important to get started with the legalities of your accident as soon as possible. Work with an experienced attorney who will work hard to preserve any supporting evidence while building your case.

Let Our Auto Accident Attorneys Help You

Being involved in an accident can be stressful, especially for someone who has suffered injuries. Here at Amador Law Firm, we have a team of skilled attorneys who want to get you compensated. We are dedicated to focusing on your case and fighting for your rights until we get the results you deserve. While we handle your case, you can take the time you need to fully recover from your and get back to life the way it was before your accident.

Contact our team today at 1-833-877-1556 or visit us online to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.

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